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Things To Bring

No Bananas2
White Sneakers
Running Shoes
Brown Sunglasses
Digital Camera 2
ball cap
drawstring bag
Delicious Sandwich
beer cans
water bottles
rain poncho
  • NO BANANAS - No Kidding, Want to know the real reason why... 

  • Shoes should be boat shoes if possible... like a pair of topsiders or dockers. If you don't wear boat shoes, a regular pair of tennis shoes are fine. Shoes that will not work well for you on a charter boat are hard soled shoes like dress shoes. * The charter boat deck can become slippery at times and soft shoes will grip better.

  • Sun glasses - Polarized sun glasses help reduce the sun's glare reflecting off of the water. 

  • A camera to take pictures and "document" that BIG FISH... or to video the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and it's surroundings. 

  • A hat or ball cap to protect your head and eyes from the sun. 

  • A food, drink and fish cooler.

  • A small bag for carrying your hat, rain gear, sun block & glasses, etc. and other personal items that you need on your trip. 

  • Lunch...bring chicken, subs and/or sandwiches or whatever you want to eat (Just no Bananas or Banana infused products). 

  • Drinks - Water, Gatorade, Soda and/or Beer is Allowed (No Bottles & NO Hard Liquor)

  • Rain gear or Jacket - Optional If you will be fishing in cold or rainy weather.

  • Dramamine or other motion sickness remedy if you have never been on a boat before or think you might get motion sickness.  Some of these medicines may even need to be taken the night before.  Make sure to double check which ever method you decide to use. 

  • All fishing gear, rods, reels and license are provided. 

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