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Chesapeake Bay Sightseeing

Interested in sightseeing on the Chesapeake Bay?  Cruising the bay on the Wild Kat is just the thing.


We offer custom sightseeing tours built to suit you and your group (up to 6) for a day spent on the beautiful Chesapeake.  There is a 3 hour minimum for custom tours. 

Some Chesapeake Bay sightseeing must-see ideas :


  • City of Annapolis: Cruise through the scenic Severn River and take in the sights of the historic city of Annapolis.  The city has 17 miles of shoreline and received it's name after Princess Anne, who became Queen of England in 1702.


  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge:  You may drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge every day and take in it's amazing construction but you haven't seen anything until you see it from the water or directly underneath.  It truly is a wondrous sight.


  • Baltimore Light: This actually was the last lighthouse built on the Chesapeake Bay in 1904.  It has a cylindrical caisson foundation (which means it has a prefabricated hollow box or cylinder that is sunk into the water bed at a calculated depth and is then filled with concrete thus anchoring it in place; establishing the foundation).  It is 2-stories, built of brick and has a red foundation with a white house.



  • Bloody Point Lighthouse:  Commissioned in 1882, this light is also a caisson type and is rust red in color.  It is located near the southern tip of Kent Island.  



  • Sandy Point Lighthouse:  Built in 1883, it is located at the mouth of the Magothy River just out from Sandy Point Park.  It too is a caisson style light, it is 2-stories as well, has a red base and white roof.



  • Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse: The only active screw-pile (meaning the pilings are screwed into the sandy bottom) lighthouse left in the Bay, this National Historic Landmark guards the entrance to South River, not far from Annapolis. 


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